Somatic Movement Therapy

Alexander Technique and Laban Movement Studies

Individual Sessions are available in Somatic Movement Therapy to support adult wellness goals in recuperation from injury, repetitive strain, chronic conditions, stress and pain.   Movement, visualization and light touch are used to promote awareness, expression and body-mind integration. Sessions include breathing, gentle touch, movement and visualization.

Children with developmental concerns such as physical movement, coordination, attention, learning or behavior needs and the autism spectrum can be supported with Somatic Movement Therapy.


Performance Coaching
Individual or group sessions

Coaching for your performing art, sport, skill and ergonomic needs using the  Alexander Technique and Laban Movement Analysis supports your performance goals, injury prevention and recuperation.  Rachelle has experience working with instrumentalists, singers, tennis players, dancers, and people who do yoga or spend long hours at a computer or desk. Anyone who works with highly skilled movement can benefit from coaching.


Alexander Technique
The Alexander Technique is a simple and effective method for improving “the use of self.” Students become aware of habitual use of their bodies and use conscious choice to change restrictive habits.

The Alexander Technique is taught at the Juilliard School, The Royal Academies of Music and Dramatic Art, and most great performing arts conservatories. Olympic athletes study the technique, which teaches skills useful to anyone who wishes to move better. People often learn the technique to support their wellness or performance goals, prevent/recover from injury, stress, and strain.